12 Reasons Why Yorkies Should Be Illegal


In a parallel universe where absurdity reigns supreme, someone, somewhere, mustered the audacity to suggest that Yorkshire Terriers should be outlawed. Yes, you read that right—those tiny balls of fur, affectionately known as Yorkies, could be deemed illegal! Brace yourselves as we delve into the preposterous and utterly fictional reasons why someone might entertain such a ludicrous idea.

  1. World Domination Ambitions: Rumor has it that Yorkies harbor secret ambitions for world domination. With their pint-sized stature and cunning glares, these tiny tyrants are plotting to take over the planet, one snuggle at a time.
  2. Disturbing the Peace with High-Pitched Barks: Critics argue that Yorkies possess a bark that can shatter glass, disturb the peace, and wake the neighborhood. But let’s be real—who needs an alarm clock when you have a Yorkie enthusiastically announcing the arrival of the mailman?
  3. Too Cute for Comfort: The sheer cuteness of Yorkies is allegedly a threat to society. Studies suggest that prolonged exposure to their adorable antics may cause uncontrollable bursts of joy and excessive smiling. Imagine a world filled with happiness—outrageous, right?
  4. Excessive Use of Puppy Eyes: Yorkies have perfected the art of deploying puppy eyes to get what they want. Critics argue that this is a manipulative tactic designed to weaken human resistance. But really, who can say no to those eyes?
  5. Controversial Fashion Sense: Some claim that Yorkies’ penchant for doggy fashion is a distraction to the general public. From tiny hats to miniature boots, their wardrobe choices are allegedly causing chaos in the canine fashion industry.
  6. Tiny, But Mighty Nap Disruptions: Opponents argue that Yorkies are skilled in the art of napping, often claiming prime real estate on couches and beds. This, they claim, is a direct violation of the universal nap space accord.
  7. Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Yorkie Treats: Whispers in the shadowy corners of the internet suggest that Yorkie treats might contain secret ingredients designed to make humans more susceptible to their charms. Perhaps a dash of irresistible cuteness?
  8. Alarming Lack of Guard Dog Skills: Critics assert that Yorkies are failing miserably at their responsibilities as guard dogs. Apparently, their tendency to greet strangers with tail wags and kisses is a breach of security protocol.
  9. Undermining the Concept of Personal Space: The argument here is that Yorkies have an uncanny ability to infiltrate personal space. Critics claim that their constant need for cuddles is a threat to the fundamental human right to personal bubble preservation.
  10. Social Media Takeover: Allegedly, Yorkies are orchestrating a social media takeover, flooding platforms with adorable photos and videos. The agenda? To distract the global population from important matters with overwhelming cuteness.
  11. Questionable Underground Squirrel Alliances: Rumors circulate that Yorkies have formed secret alliances with squirrels, plotting to overthrow the natural order of backyard dynamics. But really, who wouldn’t want a furry sidekick?
  12. Unfair Competition in the Beauty Industry: Detractors argue that Yorkies set unrealistic beauty standards for other dogs with their fabulous coats and impeccable grooming. Canines worldwide are allegedly feeling the pressure to step up their grooming game.


In this alternate reality, the notion of Yorkies being illegal is nothing more than a whimsical flight of fancy. In our world, these delightful companions continue to bring joy, laughter, and an abundance of love. So, the next time someone suggests that Yorkies should be outlawed, just remember—laughter is the best response to such delightful nonsense. After all, who could resist the charm of a mischievous Yorkie?