14 Reasons Yorkies Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

Yorkshire Terriers, with their dainty appearance and charming demeanor, are often seen as friendly and affectionate companions. However, behind those adorable eyes and silky coats, there’s a side to Yorkies that may defy their friendly reputation. In this article, we’ll explore 14 surprising reasons why these petite pups might not always live up to the stereotype of being overly friendly.

Reason 1: The Mighty Protector

Despite their small size, Yorkies have a mighty protector mentality. They can be wary of strangers and might exhibit a protective stance, making them appear less immediately approachable.

Reason 2: The Selective Socialite

Not all Yorkies are social butterflies. Some may be selective about their social interactions, choosing to cozy up to familiar faces while maintaining a reserved demeanor with newcomers.

Reason 3: The Naptime Sovereignty

Yorkies value their beauty sleep. Disturbing their precious naptime might result in a less-than-enthusiastic response, challenging the notion that they’re always in the mood for friendly interactions.

Reason 4: The Independent Explorer

These little explorers have an independent streak. They might be more interested in exploring their surroundings than engaging in constant cuddle sessions, especially when there are exciting scents to discover.

Reason 5: The Fierce Confidence

Yorkies exude confidence, and this self-assured demeanor can be mistaken for a lack of friendliness. They may expect to be treated with respect and can be less forgiving of perceived slights.

Reason 6: The Princely/Princessly Attitude

Some Yorkies have a royal air about them. They may demand to be treated with the regal respect they believe they deserve, and any deviation from this treatment could result in a standoffish demeanor.

Reason 7: The Skeptical Stare

Yorkies are known for their intense stares. While it can be endearing, it might also make them appear skeptical or aloof, especially to those unfamiliar with the breed’s expressive nature.

Reason 8: The Vocal Vigilance

Yorkies are not shy about using their voice. Whether it’s barking at perceived threats or expressing their disapproval of a situation, their vocal vigilance can be misunderstood as a lack of friendliness.

Reason 9: The Stubborn Streak

Yorkies can be a bit stubborn. If they’ve made up their minds about something, convincing them otherwise can be a challenge, and this determination might be mistaken for unfriendliness.

Reason 10: The Personal Space Protectors

Yorkies value their personal space. Intruding on their space without invitation might result in a less-than-friendly response, as they guard their personal territory.

Reason 11: The Playtime Picky Eater

While Yorkies can be playful, they might be particular about their playmates. If they don’t connect with the energy or play style of another dog, they may choose to keep their distance.

Reason 12: The Emotional Guardians

Yorkies are emotionally sensitive dogs. They may not always appreciate being handled or approached when they’re feeling vulnerable or anxious, leading to a less-than-friendly response.

Reason 13: The Regal Resting Mode

During relaxation time, Yorkies may prefer to be left undisturbed. Attempting to interrupt their regal resting mode might result in a chilly reception, challenging the notion of constant friendliness.

Reason 14: The Territorial Tendencies

Yorkies can be territorial, especially in their own home. Strangers entering their domain might be met with a cautious demeanor, as your Yorkie assesses the situation from the safety of their territory.


While Yorkies are undoubtedly charming and affectionate, it’s crucial to acknowledge that their friendliness might not apply in every situation. Understanding and respecting their individual personalities, preferences, and occasional need for space will help cultivate a positive relationship with these spirited and lovable companions. After all, even the most particular Yorkie has a heart full of love for those who take the time to understand them.

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