14 Signs Your Yorkie Considers You Its Mother Or Dad

1. Seeking Comfort

Your dog seeks comfort and reassurance from you during times of stress, fear, or anxiety, just as they would from their mother or father figure.

2. Following You Everywhere

Your dog follows you around the house and prefers to be near you, demonstrating a strong attachment and reliance on you for guidance and security.

3. Cuddling and Snuggling

Your dog enjoys cuddling and snuggling with you, seeking physical closeness and affection similar to how they would with their mother or father.

4. Bringing You Gifts

Your dog presents you with toys, treats, or items they value as a form of bonding and sharing, reminiscent of the behavior seen in a parent-child relationship.

5. Protective Behavior

Your dog exhibits protective behavior towards you, such as barking at perceived threats or standing guard, demonstrating a sense of responsibility and loyalty towards their caregiver.

6. Seeking Approval

Your dog looks to you for approval and guidance, eagerly seeking praise and attention when they exhibit desired behaviors, mirroring the desire for parental approval and guidance.

7. Mimicking Your Actions

Your dog mimics your actions and behaviors, such as sitting when you sit or following your cues, indicating a desire to emulate and connect with you as a parental figure.

8. Responding to Your Voice

Your dog responds to your voice with attentiveness and recognition, showing an emotional connection and attachment to you as their primary caregiver and protector.

9. Showing Affection

Your dog shows affection towards you through licks, nuzzles, and gentle nudges, expressing their love and appreciation for your presence and care.

10. Displaying Submission

Your dog displays submissive behaviors, such as rolling onto their back or offering their belly for rubs, signaling trust and deference towards you as their leader and protector.

11. Sharing Food and Resources

Your dog willingly shares food, toys, or resources with you, demonstrating a sense of trust and mutual respect in the relationship similar to that seen between parent and child.

12. Seeking Reassurance

Your dog seeks reassurance from you in unfamiliar or challenging situations, looking to you for guidance and support as they would from a parental figure.

13. Expressing Joy and Excitement

Your dog greets you with joy and excitement upon your return home, displaying happiness and enthusiasm at being reunited with their beloved caregiver.

14. Establishing Eye Contact

Your dog maintains eye contact with you, seeking emotional connection and communication, much like the bond formed between a child and their parent.

By recognizing these signs, you can appreciate the deep emotional bond and connection your dog shares with you, akin to the relationship between parent and child. Foster this bond through love, care, and mutual respect, creating a fulfilling and rewarding relationship for both you and your furry companion.