15 Signs You’re A Crazy Yorkie Person… and Proud To Be!

Dogs have an extraordinary ability to bring joy, love, and a touch of craziness into our lives. If you resonate with these 15 signs, congratulations! You’re a certified Crazy Dog Person, and you wear that title with pride. Embrace the quirks, because being a little “crazy” about your canine companion is what makes the journey so special.

Dog-Centric Wardrobe: Your closet is a testament to your love for dogs. From socks with paw prints to shirts adorned with doggy faces, your fashion sense is a homage to your furry friend.

Canine Conversations: You find yourself having full-blown conversations with your dog, and you’re convinced they understand every word. Who needs a therapist when you have the best listener right at home?

Pup-Friendly Tech: Your phone is filled with dog photos, and your screensaver is a rotating gallery of your canine pal’s most adorable moments. Every tech gadget you own has a dog-themed accessory.

Social Media Star: Your dog has a dedicated Instagram account, and your friends are accustomed to seeing your pup’s daily adventures on their feed. You may even have a personalized hashtag for your dog’s posts.

Doggy Dining Etiquette: Your dog dines in style. From specially prepared meals to personalized dinnerware, your dog’s dining experience is as important as your own.

Pet-Friendly Home Decor: Your home is adorned with dog-themed decor. From paw print throw pillows to wall art featuring your favorite breeds, your living space is a celebration of all things canine.

Doggy Daycare VIP: Your dog is a regular at the local doggy daycare, and you know the staff by name. You might even have a customized pick-up and drop-off routine.

Pawesome Events Planner: Your social calendar revolves around dog-friendly events. From canine birthday parties to charity walks, you’re always on the lookout for activities that involve your four-legged friend.

Emergency Doggy Kit: Your bag is stocked with dog essentials—a mini first aid kit, treats, and a favorite toy. You’re prepared for any situation that might arise during your dog’s day out.

Doggy Spa Days: Your dog enjoys spa days that rival your own. From bubble baths to pampering sessions, your pup is the epitome of relaxation and glamour.

Pet Photography Guru: Your camera roll is a masterpiece of dog photography. Candid shots, funny moments, and adorable poses—your phone is a treasure trove of your dog’s best expressions.

Doggy Birthday Bash: Your dog’s birthday is a major event, complete with a guest list, party favors, and a cake that’s almost too cute to eat. You may even send out “pawty” invitations.

Doggy Daydreams: You catch yourself daydreaming about your dog throughout the day. Whether it’s planning your next adventure together or simply reminiscing about cherished moments, your furry friend is always on your mind.

Canine-Themed Tattoos: Your love for dogs is permanently inked on your skin. A tattoo dedicated to your furry companion proudly displayed, because, for you, it’s not just a pet—it’s family.

Doggy Language Expert: You’ve mastered the art of doggy language. From interpreting barks to understanding tail wags, you and your dog have a unique form of communication that goes beyond words.

Conclusion: If these signs hit close to home, you’re undeniably a Crazy Dog Person, and that’s something to celebrate. The bond between a dog and their human is a beautiful, crazy, and utterly fulfilling journey. Embrace the madness, cherish the moments, and continue being the best Crazy Dog Person you can be!