16 Reasons Yorkies Are The Worst Breed To Own

The temperament, behavior, and lifestyle of the dog varies with the breed just like the behavior of humans that varies from person to person and culture to culture. Many dog breeds are best to keep in groups, while others do not like groups. One such breed is Yorkie. Let’s dive into the details of the Yorkie breed and why it is the worst to have it.

16 reasons Yorkies are the worst breed to own

Following are the 16 reasons not to own a Yorkie:

They are difficult to train

Many dog breeds such as German shepherds and Labradors are easy to train but when it comes to Yorkie it is very difficult to train them. They do not obey the commands you give them due to their lack of attention and stubborn behavior. It is very difficult to potty train them so it is best to avoid such dog breeds if you are not a patient person.

They cannot get along with others

Yorkies are not friendly towards other breeds of dogs. They even attack the great Danes who are twice or thrice the size of them. They are not welcoming to other pets so if you are planning to keep more than one pet then you must drop Yorkie from your list of possible pets at your home.

Yorkies are not good guard dogs

Yorkies have terrestrial behavior. They will find a high spot in your house such as near the window and will bark at every person that is unfamiliar which is very annoying for somebody. If you do not like strangers hanging around your house then probably Yorkie is best for you.

Yorkie needs daily grooming

Although most dogs do not need daily grooming Yorkies need it because their fur is like human hair and painful knots are there if brushing is not done regularly.
Yorkies are subject to injuries

Yorkies sleep under pillows and blankets and sometimes people sit on pillows so there are high chance of their injury.

Yorkies acquire several diseases

Liver and dental diseases are very common in Yorkies and they can be treated by surgery only so it is risky and costly also.
Yorkies do not like rough-playing

Yorkies like to chase and fetch but do not like rough handling like biting so your children must understand such kinds of things.

Yorkies have zero-tolerance

Such breeds have zero tolerance for everyone except themselves. They do not like strangers touching or playing with them.

Yorkies steal everything

Yorkies like to own everything in the house. They will steal your bread and even your heart if you give them but in return, you should expect less.

Yorkies spy on people

It is not a good habit to spy on others in the house. They like to hide in places and observe people from a distance, which is very annoying for some people.

Yorkies babies are scary for some people

Some people might not like Yorkie babies because they are scary. They move into gangs full of scary members, which is never good for your children.

Yorkies don’t understand anything

They do not obey you, and don’t understand anything you are telling them. They are dumb and most of them act like they do not care about you or other members of the family.

Yorkies are needy

They act very needy, which is annoying sometimes. They like to go everywhere you are going. They know what to give to convince you, so in that case, they are manipulative too. They need to be around you all the time for their needs.

Yorkies look ridiculous in the windy season

They have so much hair on their face, and in the windy season, the hair has been pulled back, which gives them a ridiculous look.

Yorkies never make you laugh

Yorkies do not do stupid things and try to make you laugh like other dogs do. They are self-centered dogs and care little about their owners and mostly about themselves. Some people adore them for their intelligence, but most people do not like self-centered dogs.

Yorkies suffer from “Big Dog Syndrome”

In this case, Yorkie thinks he is sturdier than all the pets in the household, and should be the leader and rule maker. Yorkies terrify other people and pets in the house and try to force them to leave the house.


So far, we have discussed the cons of keeping Yorkies, and you probably think it is best to avoid such kinds of dogs. There are other breeds you can choose from, but make sure you read about them so you find a potential fit. Selecting the perfect breed can be difficult, but continuous research and efforts can prove fruitful when you have your desired breed dog.