9 Signs Your Yorkie Thinks He’s the Boss

Introduction: Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, are known for their charming personalities and feisty demeanor. While their small size might deceive some into thinking they’re just cute lap dogs, Yorkies often have a strong sense of leadership. Here are nine signs that your Yorkie might be convinced he’s the boss of the household.

Commanding Stares: If your Yorkie has perfected the art of the commanding stare, you may find yourself succumbing to his every whim. Whether it’s during mealtime or playtime, a bossy Yorkie will lock eyes with you, silently demanding attention and obedience.

Selective Listening: Does your Yorkie seem to have selective hearing, responding only when it suits him? If your commands are met with a dismissive tilt of the head or a casual turn away, it’s a clear sign that your Yorkie believes he’s the one calling the shots.

Strategic Nudging: Yorkies are experts at using their tiny frames to their advantage. If your furry friend employs strategic nudging to guide you in a certain direction or toward a particular treat, he’s likely asserting his dominance.

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