9 Stranger Ways Your Yorkie Express Their Undying Love For You

Yorkies, those pint-sized bundles of fur and energy, have a unique way of stealing our hearts. While their wagging tails and eager kisses are common signs of affection, these little canine companions also have some stranger ways of expressing their undying love. Let’s delve into the charming and quirky world of Yorkie love!

  1. The Tail Waggy Code: Beyond the regular tail wag, Yorkies have a secret tail language. A slow, deliberate wag may mean they’re particularly content, while a rapid wag could signify excitement. If your Yorkie greets you with a full-body wag, consider yourself royalty in their eyes.
  2. Yoga Sessions Together: Have you ever noticed your Yorkie mimicking your stretches or yoga poses? It’s not a coincidence. Yorkies love to bond through shared activities, and engaging in a yoga session together is their way of saying, “We’re in this together!”
  3. The Bedtime Spoon: Yorkies are notorious for their love of snuggling, especially during bedtime. If your Yorkie insists on being the little spoon or curls up against you, it’s their way of creating a strong bond and showing you’re their ultimate source of comfort.
  4. Dinner Time Entertainment: Does your Yorkie perform an impromptu dance or showcase some fancy moves during mealtime? This isn’t just for your entertainment; it’s a sign of their joy and excitement at sharing a meal with their favorite human.
  5. Undercover Toy Gifting: Yorkies have a knack for stashing their toys in unexpected places. Finding a miniature squeaky toy in your shoe or under your pillow is a Yorkie’s way of saying, “I thought you might need some extra joy today.”
  6. Puppy Parkour: Yorkies are known for their agility, and when they engage in what can only be described as puppy parkour—bounding off furniture and executing acrobatic maneuvers—it’s their version of a victory lap, celebrating the sheer joy of being around you.
  7. Selective Serenades: Yorkies have a melodious side, and their selective serenades are a unique expression of love. If your Yorkie chooses to “sing” only for you, consider it an exclusive concert meant for your ears only.
  8. Paw-dorable Gift Presentations: Whether it’s a fallen leaf, a random sock, or a tiny pebble, Yorkies love presenting you with “gifts” they’ve discovered. It’s their way of sharing their world with you and expressing gratitude for your companionship.
  9. Guardian of the Lap: Yorkies are natural lap dogs, but when they assume the role of lap guardian—keeping a watchful eye while you work or relax—it’s a clear indication that they’re devoted to you. Your lap is their kingdom, and they’re determined to protect it.

Conclusion: In the delightful world of Yorkie companionship, love knows no bounds. From quirky behaviors to heartwarming gestures, these pint-sized pooches have a myriad of ways to express their undying affection. So, the next time your Yorkie engages in a strange yet endearing display of love, remember that it’s just their unique way of saying, “You’re my favorite human, and I love you to the moon and back!”