9 Things Your Yorkie Wants to Tell You


Ever wondered what goes on inside that tiny, furry head of your Yorkshire Terrier? While they may not speak our language, Yorkies are excellent communicators with a repertoire of cues that convey their thoughts and feelings. In this guide, we attempt to decode the secret messages your Yorkie might be sending your way—because understanding your pint-sized companion is the key to a harmonious relationship.

“I Love You More Than Treats”: Beneath that sassy exterior, your Yorkie is a big softie. Those affectionate snuggles and gentle nuzzles are their way of saying, “You’re my favorite human, and treats come second.”

“Walks Are My Cardio, Too”: Your energetic Yorkie loves those daily walks, not just for the exercise but for the sheer joy of exploration. Those curious sniffs and enthusiastic tail wags are their way of saying, “Let’s keep this cardio routine going!”

“That Squeaky Toy Is My Everest”: That gleam in their eyes when they spot their favorite squeaky toy? It’s pure joy. Your Yorkie wants you to know that conquering that squeaker is their Everest, and they’re up for the challenge.

“Your Lap is My Happy Place”: When your Yorkie claims your lap, it’s not just for the warmth—it’s their way of saying, “This is my happy place, and you’re my favorite cushion.”

“I’m Not a Morning Pup”: The disgruntled morning expression? Your Yorkie wants you to understand that they, too, appreciate a good sleep-in. Early mornings are for the birds, not for tiny canines with a penchant for cozy blankets.

“Grooming Is a Necessary Evil”: That unimpressed stare during grooming sessions? Your Yorkie wants you to know that they tolerate it for the sake of a fabulous coat, but they’d much rather be chasing squirrels.

“I’m the Neighborhood Watch”: The vigilant barking at passing cars and suspicious leaves? Your Yorkie is the self-appointed neighborhood watch, and those barks are their way of saying, “I’m on duty, protecting the realm.”

“I’m a Foodie, Not a Beggar”: The hopeful eyes during mealtime? Your Yorkie wants you to know they’re not begging; they’re simply expressing their passion for gourmet delights. Sharing is caring, right?

“Your Happiness Is My Priority”: Above all, your Yorkie wants you to know that their ultimate goal is to see you happy. Whether it’s through playful antics, comforting snuggles, or a well-timed tail wag, they’re your furry cheerleaders.


While your Yorkie may not communicate in words, their actions speak volumes. By paying attention to their cues and understanding their unique language, you can forge an even deeper bond with your pint-sized companion. So, the next time your Yorkie looks at you with those soulful eyes, remember—they have a lot to say, and it’s all in the language of love.