+8 Ways Your Yorkies Demonstrate Just How Much They Care About You

We all have seen how love makes people happy. We as yorkie owners love our pups as if they were family members. But there is a question that we try to answer: Do they love us back?

Sometimes when we arrive at home our dogs are waiting for us and jump all over us. Some others just follow us around the house or wherever we go, they are always following us. If you notice, there are many ways of answering the question if your dog loves you. Here we are going to show you some other ways to know if your yorkie loves you or if they are only with you for the treats you give them.

They sleep with you.

As dog owners we all wake up with a puppy paw in our back or doggie-breath in our face. Dogs in the wild sleep as a pack which is a sign of being loyal. Moreover, when a dog lives with or is good friends with another dog, they want to sleep together too – but only if they are allowed by the other pup. That means that if your dog sleeps with you it’s because he considers you as a good friend, to say the least!

They Are Always Empathetic

Have you been sad or feeling bad and your Yorkies come closer to you? It is known that dogs are social animals that is why they have an instinct to take care of their friends or people they consider important. Studies have shown that dogs have very close and similar behaviors to human toddlers. Along one study they set the dog’s owner and stranger 6 feet apart and asked each individual to talk, hum or pretend to be sad or pretend to cry. The final result of the study was that dogs can see emotions and show empathy when you or a stranger are in emotional distress. How amazing is that?

They Will Lean On You

Dogs have the same behavior as humans. When your dog leans on you it’s because maybe he is scared and is looking to become safe from the comfort of being close to their owner. How cute is that?

They Will Bring You Their Toys

Have you ever been in-love? when you are in love with someone or you feel a deep affection for a specific person, what you do is give a gift to that person: a flower, chocolate or even candy. What dogs do is the same. When dogs bring you their toys it not only means that they want to play, but also it means that they see you as an important person, that is why they bring you their toys

They Give You Kisses

Puppy kisses mean that they are showing you affection or you just have food in your face and they are trying to taste it (lol!). Mother dogs communicate with their pups with kisses and grooming them which in most cases is known to stimulate their breathing. However, your dog isn’t trying to stimulate your breathing at the moment but simply telling you “Hello! I think you’re the best!” or “I’ll give you kisses until I get a treat from you.”

They Will Follow You

If there is something dogs hate it’s being alone. As a result, whichever place you go they see the need to follow you and be close to you. Sometimes it can be separation anxiety since most dogs are left home alone or like most times, they want to be close to you. Appreciate the fact that they want to be near your side because for them you are all they have.

Sniffing Your Butt

Has your dog ever stuck their noise all up in your butt? It’s kind of embarrassing and awkward but it’s the same to a handshake for humans. Just how they sniff other dogs butts at the dog park or on the street, it’s their way of saying hello to others.

They will jump on you.

If you arrive at home and your Yorkie jumps all over you it is a sign of pure love & affection. Not only is it healthy but it’s an important part of your dog’s social development. If you arrive at home and you are greeted this way by your dog, it’s a way your dog recognizes that you are the parent of the relationship. In addition, this greeting can go too far so train your dog in order for them to know when enough is enough.

They Will Smile at You

Dogs do smile – and you’ve probably seen it many times. Happy dogs tend to have a looseness to their bodies that is around their mouth too. Along with a loose mouth comes a loose and slobbery tongue which points to a good mood according to the Caring Hands Humane Society.

Next time your Yorkie does any of these actions it’s usually a sign of love, affection or you just taste well. So be the perfect leader and lovely owner they deserve, accept all this love and always give a lot back!

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