9 Indicators Your Yorkie Believes He’s the Boss

Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as Yorkies, possess a charm and charisma that often capture the hearts of their owners. However, beneath their adorable exterior, some Yorkies have a strong sense of self-assurance and independence, leading them to believe they are the rulers of their domain. As a Yorkie owner, you may have noticed certain behaviors that suggest your furry friend considers themselves the boss of the household. From claiming prime spots to demanding treats on their terms, these signs can indicate your Yorkie’s belief in their dominance. In this guide, we’ll explore nine telltale signs that your Yorkie thinks they’re the boss, along with strategies for maintaining a harmonious relationship while still appreciating their unique personality traits.

1. Commanding Prime Spots

Your Yorkie consistently occupies the best spots in the house, from the comfiest chair to the sunniest windowsill, asserting dominance over coveted spaces.

2. Toy Hoarding

An array of toys, from squeaky plushies to chewed-up bones, litter the floor, evidence of your Yorkie’s ownership and control over the household’s entertainment.

3. Vocal Authority

Your Yorkie enthusiastically barks to alert you of any perceived threats or intruders, effectively positioning themselves as the chief security officer of the household.

4. Bedtime Dictatorship

Despite having their own bed, your Yorkie insists on sleeping with you, claiming their rightful place as your nocturnal companion and bedtime boss.

5. Treat Demands

With persistent begging and pleading eyes, your Yorkie manipulates you into providing treats at their whim, solidifying their reign over the snack supply.

6. Selective Obedience

Your Yorkie obeys commands selectively, choosing when to listen and when to ignore, demonstrating their belief that obedience is optional.

7. Mealtime Sovereignty

Your Yorkie demands meals on their schedule, refusing to eat until their preferences are met, effectively establishing themselves as the ruler of the kitchen.

8. Attention Acquisition

Your Yorkie effortlessly commands attention with their charming antics and endearing personality, monopolizing your focus and affection.

9. Departure Disapproval

When you leave the house, your Yorkie displays signs of dismay or engages in attention-seeking behaviors, asserting their dominance over your comings and goings.


While these signs may indicate your Yorkie’s belief in their dominance, consistent training and clear boundaries can help maintain a harmonious relationship where both you and your furry friend feel respected and understood. By addressing these behaviors with patience and consistency, you can establish yourself as the true leader of the pack while still cherishing your Yorkie’s unique personality traits. Remember, a well-balanced relationship between you and your Yorkie is built on mutual trust, respect, and love.