Kennels and kennels: Gudog, Pet&Net and Dogbuddy

Vacations are coming and, unfortunately, our dogs cannot always accompany us wherever we go. Until a few years ago, the only alternative was to go to dog-friendly hotels, kennels or a relative/friend. However, nowadays it is more and more common to look for caregivers who can stay with our pets during the time we are away from home.

It is precisely from this need that initiatives such as Gudog, Pet&Net or Dog Buddy, very similar to each other, were born. The philosophy of these companies is none other than to put people who are looking for reliable people in contact with caregivers and animal lovers.

Apps to find private kennels
What does this mean? These platforms, which also have an app to facilitate much more user experience, help to locate private caregivers (or dog sitters, as they also call themselves) so that they are the ones who take care of our pets while we travel.

These services, which are very reminiscent of those offered by other applications such as Airbnb or Blablacar, are often much closer and cheaper than those offered by kennels. In the same way, for many people it can be a more attractive option to leave their dog or Yorkshire Terrier in a house than in a kennel or group accommodation.

Advantages and disadvantages of dog sitters
Like any option taken in this regard, there are a series of advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account before assessing and making a firm decision. Do you want to know what they are? We analyze them below!


The apps to find and locate dog sitters are usually cheaper than other options and the deal with the caregiver can be very close and personalized (they lend themselves more to sending photos, videos and exchanging messages to know the status of the pet).
Dogs stay in comfortable and familiar environments so that they feel at home.
It is easy to adapt to very particular needs or requirements, both of the dog and its owner (for example, delivery or pick-up times, habits and routines of the animal…).
You can know the profile of the dog sitter through their description and know much more thanks to the ratings of other users.
They have a large database of caregivers, especially in large cities, which allows you to select also with criteria of proximity and proximity.
They usually include, in the price of the reservation, liability insurance and other coverage such as veterinary assistance.

The caregivers are private individuals, so they cannot always offer professional services or care that can be provided in kennels (haircuts, training sessions…).
Lack of trust is still a major impediment. Since they are strangers, many may be reluctant to this type of initiative.
The first reservation, at least, must be made through these platforms, with the corresponding commission that this entails.
Sometimes babysitters have other dogs or animals at home. This could be a great inconvenience for certain dogs that are not used to dealing with other animals or that may feel uncomfortable with this type of situations.

How does the dog sitting service work?
If you have a dog as a faithful friend, it is logical that you want him to accompany you everywhere. Sadly, this is not possible in many occasions, so resorting to this type of applications such as Gudog, Pet&Net or Dogbuddy can be a great alternative.

But, you may have wondered how these types of services work. The most popular companies, in addition to a website, have an app for both smartphones and iOS. Whichever option you choose, you will be able to make all the necessary arrangements to leave your Yorkshire Terrier in good hands during the vacations without any problem.

If you do not access from the web, you simply need to download it from your usual store, create an account and start looking for the babysitter that best suits your needs. As we have already mentioned, you can choose the one you want by criteria of proximity, price, according to the rating of their reviews or simply by affinity.

Kennels, dog day care and dog walks
But the services they offer are not only limited to providing accommodation for your dog during the vacations. They also usually offer dog daycare services, in case you would like your pet to be accompanied while you work or go shopping, for example; or just a walking service for your dog.

As a positive point, it should be noted that all the management can be done online -even the payment-, so it is quick and easy. After the end of the service, you will be able to rate your dog sitter to help other users like you.

In addition, if you are an animal lover and have a house equipped for it, you can also offer your services as a dog sitter and, incidentally, get some extra money.

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