Why Is Your Yorkie Peeing in the House? Top 7 Reasons

1. Medical Issues

Your Yorkie might have inappropriate urination habits because of underlying medical issues. 

If your Yorkie has kidney problems, bladder stones, or diabetes, he will often have problems controlling the urine pressure. In the case of older dogs, they lose bladder control with age. 

How To Stop A Yorkie From Peeing In The House?

You should consult your vet immediately and get your four-legged companion the required treatment. 

Do not panic, he will be alright. 

2. Incorrect Training in the Past

To err is human. It is very much possible that you may have given him incorrect potty training in the past due to which your Yorkie is still unsure that is unacceptable to pee inside the house.

It might even be the case that your Yorkie’s previous owners gave it the incorrect training.

Do not fret much. Train your dog once again and make sure you use the correct techniques. If you are not sure about your methods, you should consult a vet or a professional before applying them. 

3. Behavioral Issues

Another reason behind inappropriate urination can be the possibility that your Yorkie has behavioral issues. 

Think whether peeing inside the house is the only problematic thing that your terrier does or are there other unacceptable activities from his end as well. If this is the case, you need to give proper training and exercises to your puppy to make sure that he behaves well. 

In more serious situations, consult a professional or a vet for help. 

4. Trying to Mark Territory

If a Yorkie develops marking behavior, it can get very annoying for the owner because in this case, the terrier might even ruin his owner’s bed by peeing all over it. 

Always remember that urinating when a Yorkie is trying to mark its territory is not accidental, but intentional. And he won’t release his entire bladder, he will just spray a small amount of urine. 

Yorkies are territorial in nature and sometimes feel the need to remind new people or guests that they are in their territory. This is why they turn to mark. 

Marking territory is more noticeable in male dogs however female dogs also sometimes mark their territories. 

If your Yorkie has developed a marking habit, it is surely going to be difficult to remove it but it’s not impossible. You need to be strict and firm with it.

5. Anxiety

Does your Yorkie stay home alone for too long? Or is it insecure because you have other pets or you are not paying him enough attention? If yes, it is quite possible that your Yorkie has separation anxiety. 

Separation anxiety can be the reason behind your Yorkie’s inappropriate urination behavior. The loneliness and separation can lead them to urinate at the wrong locations. 

If you want to know more about separation anxiety, click here.

There can also be another reason behind your Yorkie urinating at the wrong places that are the opposite of separation anxiety. Overexceitment. Make sure you don’t overexcite him and also make him learn how to calm down in such situations. 

6. Aging

When dogs get older, they start losing control of their bladders. If your Yorkie is an old dog, this might be the reason why he pees around in the house. 

You should know that your pet is not doing it on purpose to annoy you, he will never do it because of this. So be gentle in your reactions when your doggo meets an accident. 

7. Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary Tract Infections are common in dogs. 

If your Yorkie has such an infection, he will attempt to pee more frequently when you take him out or he can pee inside the house if he cannot control it. The frequency of peeing increases if the dog is suffering from UTI. 

He might even suffer from pain while urinating and there is also a possibility that you will see blood in his urine. 

Consult your vet immediately if you notice any of these things! 

Will Neutering Help to Stop a Yorkie From Peeing in the House?

How To Stop A Yorkie From Peeing In The House?

The solution for stopping a Yorkie from peeing in the house can be neutering if the reason behind the inappropriate urination is his instinct to mark territory. 

Neutering is an effective way for eliminating a dog’s territorial instincts. If you neuter your Yorkie before one and a half years of age, you will see immediate results. 

However, older dogs shouldn’t be castrated because it can be dangerous for them, and because of their age, they will only start showing results after twelve months. 

FAQs on How To Stop A Yorkie From Peeing In The House?

1. How Often Does a Yorkie Need to Pee?

A puppy Yorkie would need to urinate 10-12 times a day. Yes, it does seem a lot to us but they are small and have their needs so you must take care of them. 

An adult Yorkie will need to empty his bladder up to 4 times a day. The frequency might go up when they are in their old age. 

2. How Long Can a Yorkie Hold Its Pee?

2 to 3 months old puppy Yorkies can hold their pee for 2-3 hours. Their ability to control bladder pressure increases with age. 

3. What Scent Repels Dogs From Peeing?

A few drops of cinnamon, sour apple, or eucalyptus essential oil should repel your dog from peeing. 

The smell of vinegar and lime juices are also the scents that repel dogs from peeing.


I hope you got an answer for How to Stop a Yorkie from Peeing in the House. Look out for signs of any medical issue in your pet and consult the vet immediately. 

Be strict but don’t yell at the tiny creature. And never, I repeat, never be violent! Keep it in your mind that they are not doing it intentionally and you have to be patient with them. 

Now that you know what you need to do, go try it all out and see the results for yourself.


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